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Online CPR Certification

Blended Learning Option

Do you want to certify or renew your American Heart Association CPR 
Certification and save time?
Are you in a time crunch to re-certify?
 AHA Blended Learning is designed for individual or single certification for the busy professional or college student and is the easiest and most convenient way to CPR certify!

Go to eLearning.heart.org to purchase your online course key to complete Part 1 and then make an appointment with us to skills test and complete your certification

Simple...easy...and AHA certified!


A Skills Test session will be required to complete certification

No textbook to purchase!

AHA online courses are blended learning, combining self-paced online training and an instructor-led classroom skills session. Students first learn the AHA course content online. After completing Part 1 online, they attend an onsite instructor-led skills practice and skills testing to obtain certification.

  • The online portion allows students to complete exercises and learn at their own pace

  • The classroom portion allows time for practice and discussion, and skills check off with an instructor

  • Courses certify students in CPR and AED use, as well as choking relief for adults, children, and infants just the same as traditional classes

  • Students have access to Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) and Heartsaver courses for 24 months after activation

  • Each course requires purchase of a course key

Purchase Course Keys

Go to eLearning.heart.org to purchase you online course key

1. Go to eLearning.heart.org to purchase your Part 1 online course key for you desired course.

2. Contact CPR Solutions for a Skills Session appointment to complete Parts 2 and 3 with a AHA Instructor to obtain your certification card valid for two-years, which meets AHA and OSHA/workplace requirements.

All Skills Testing is completed at Testing Location in Lawrence, KS 
Approximate Time: 45-60 minutes. Prompt arrival to ensure testing.

BLS for Healthcare Provider               

The new HeartCode BLS Course replaces the 2010 Guidelines version BLS for Prehsopital Providers online, HeartCode BLS Part 1, and BLS for Healthcare Providers online Part 1 courses.

Audience: Physicians, Nurses, EMS personnel, Police Officers, Dental Hygienist’s, Dental Assistants, Nursing Students, CNA's and CMA's , Respiratory and Occupational Therapist's. 

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Heartsaver CPR/AED with Child & Infant                     

This course covers Adult, Child, and Infant CPR as well as the AED and Choking.

Audience:  Non-EMS, dispatchers, airline personnel, security guards, personal trainers, health club workers, school personnel, and lay persons.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not meet the requirements for nursing students. Nursing students need the BLS for Healthcare Providers course.

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Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED              

This course covers general knowledge, medical emergencies, injuries, as well as environmental emergencies. CPR and AED are automatically included with this course. CPR includes the Adult, Child, and Infant. This course meets OHSA's requirements for First Aid Training.

Audience:  Non-EMS, firefighters, dispatchers, airline personnel, security guards, personal trainers, health club workers, school personnel, and lay persons.


Pediatric First Aid with CPR/AED             

The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid with CPR and AED Course covers all of the Pediatric First Aid topics with the addition Child and Infant CPR (Adult CPR module is optional), and the use of an AED. This comprehensive course teaches the rescuer the knowledge and psychomotor skills needed to recognize emergencies at the worksite.  

Audience: Child care workers, pre-schools and nurseries, day care providers. 
Approved Course.

FOR ALL SKILLS SESSIONS: Remember to bring your Healthcare Professionals certificate to the Skills Sessions. You cannot complete the Healthcare Professionals Skills Session without the OnlineAHA certificate.


 You must complete parts 2 and 3 within 60 days of the completion of part one.  The 60 days is based on the date on your certificate from the AHA online website.  Students with certificate dates over 60 days will have to repeat part 1.