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American Heart Association CPR Naples

CPR Certification

Blended Learning Option

 American Heart Association (AHA) and American Safety Health Institute (ASHI) CPR blended learning training programs
Blended or eLearning is a hybrid approach that combines online cognitive learning and in-person, hands-on skills practice for your certification

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  • What does CPR stand for?
    It stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. It is the lifesaving skills needed when a person is in cardiac arrest to provide oxygenated blood flow to the heart, brain, and vital organs. At the core of these skills is the providing of effective chest-compressions to pump blood through the body.
  • What does AED stand for?
    It stands for Automated External Defibrillator. It is a device used to shock the heart when in cardiac arrest to help restore a normal heart rhythm.
  • What is the minimum age to learn CPR?
    The AHA does not mandate a minimum age requirement for learning CPR. The ability to perform CPR is based more on body strength than age. Studies have shown that children as young as nine years old can learn and retain CPR skills. Contact us if you have any concerns.
  • Can I take an AHA CPR course online?
    Yes. The AHA offers a variety of eLearning (online) courses through For CPR and first aid courses, an eLearning course must be followed by a skills practice and testing session with an AHA Instructor within 60 days of completion per CPR Solutions terms. Simply contact us for a skills practice and test session.
  • What is Premium Scheduling?
    Premium Onsite Class Scheduling is available for groups over 15 students needed within 72 hours and is subject to a Rush-Fee of $175.00.
  • I am not a healthcare professional and I need a CPR and AED course for work purposes. Which course should I take?
    Heartsaver® CPR AED is probably best for you. The AHA offers this course in both classroom-based and eLearning (online) formats.
  • I need a general CPR course to prepare me to save the life of a loved one. Which course is best for me?
    Family & Friends® CPR provides basic CPR training in a dynamic group environment using the research-proven practice-while-watching method.
  • What are the warning signs of a heart attack?
    Chest pain possibly spreading to the left or right arm, neck, jaw, or center of the back, shortness of breath, heavy sweating and nausea. Actions for anyone experiencing the signs or symptoms should be to lie or sit quietly and call 911 right away.
  • What are the warning signs of a stroke?
    Sudden severe onset of a headache, weakness or inability to move one side of the body or the other, facial droop, slurred speech, and vision disturbance. Actions for anyone experiencing these signs or symptoms should be to lie or sit quietly and call 911 right away.
  • What is an eCard?
    An AHA eCard is the electronic equivalent of a printed course completion card and can be provided to students as an alternative to a printed card. eCards are valid course completion cards and can be presented to employers as proof of successful completion of an AHA course. Like printed cards, eCards also expire two years from the issue date.
  • How do I claim my eCard?
    Students who have been assigned/emailed an eCard will receive an email from ecards @ inviting them to claim their eCard online. From the email, students will click on a hyperlink to view their eCard. This hyperlink will direct students to the Student Profile webpage. On the Student Profile page, students confirm or edit their contact informaiton; set up a security question and answer that will be used to access their individual eCard Profile in the future; and agree to the AHA’s standard Terms of Use. Students are then asked to complete a brief six-question survey about their class experience. Once the student survey has been completed, students will see their individual eCard. IF A STUDENT DOES NOT FIND their eCard in their inbox have them check their spam or junk mail files.
  • How long is my eCard valid?
    All American Heart Association courses are valid for two years. They expire at the end of the month in which they were issued.
  • Is there a way employers can verify the authenticity of an AHA eCard?
    Yes, employers may verify that an AHA eCard is authentic by entering the card information at The AHA has also created a memo on the validity of eCards for employers who may request an official AHA statement. Click here for this memo.
  • Can I be sued for performing CPR or first aid?
    Many states have Good Samaritan Laws in place that protect those who render emergency care. Consult your local/state laws for actual interpretation.
  • What if I have been trained in CPR but forget the actions?
    First, call 911 and to remember start chest compressions right away by pushing hard and fast in the center of the chest and get an AED.
  • What do I do if I don’t have a barrier device with me?
    If your workplace requires you to know CPR or first aid, then they should provide you with a barrier device or make one available in a first-aid kit. Many AED’s come with a barrier device supplied. Otherwise, compression only CPR is recommended. We provide many things that you need for the course.
  • What should I wear to class?
    During your course, you will want to wear relaxed, comfortable clothing. You will be practicing skills that require working on your hands and knees, bending, standing, and some light lifting. If you have physical conditions that might prevent you from participating in the course, please let us know when you sign up for your course. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within the stated course completion requirements.
  • What are the risks of being infected with a communicable disease while giving CPR or first aid, e.g. HIV?"
    There is always a risk; however, it is quite low. All courses offered stress the importance of barrier devices and other protective equipment.
  • Refund Policy
    For cancellation of OnSite course enrollment of a class under 10 students, where pre-payment was made, a request for a refund must be made via email or phone (785-218-8443) no later than 24 hours before the posted class start time. A refund will be in the form of a check mailed to address on file and delievered within 20 days of the request. Classes marked non-refundable are not included in this policy. Optional items purchased and received by the student are not refundable. For scheduled groups of 10 or more a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged for courses cancelled within 96 hours of the training start time. ​ Online courses in which Course Keys have been issued by CPR Solutions, LLC are not refundable. Online course registrations will only be held in our system for 60 days from date of registration. After 60 days, the course shall be considered null and void and your Course Key revoked. Re-registration and payment of the full price will be required. No Show If student does not show for the class and did not request a refund as stated above then the student shall be required to re-register and pay the full price. A $35.00 fee will apply for any online skills session appointment "no show." ​ ​

A Skills Test session will be required to complete certification

Blended learning and skills testing pricing varies depending on type of course selected

Reminder for All Skills Tests

Remember to bring your Part 1 certificate to the Skills Sessions. You cannot complete the Skills Session without the Online

AHA or ASHI certificate.


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